The 'Agence Maritime Ballande' is in charge of the physical organization of the vessel calls. The job consists in preparing all the administrative paperwork in relation to the ship prior to her arrival and during her stay in the port, in performing all the steps concerning cargo (import and export documents control for customs, estimate all the costs of the calls...) and in supplying the vessel and crew's needs.

The 'Agence Maritime Ballande' acts in the name and on behalf of his client for the vessel requirements as well as for the cargo and people vessel is carrying.  The 'Agence Maritime Ballande' is the representative of the shipping companies and of the vessel masters in the whole New Caledonian territory. Through its activities, the 'Agence Maritime Ballande' is required to work, to be in relation with pilotage company, with port authorities (safety, security, control of the port), with receivers or shippers of cargo, with stevedores companies, with customs department and with other different suppliers (like fuel, water, food, maintenance, repairs ...).

The vessel consignment can also be a shipping agent in charge of the contracts negotiations, of the financial rules , of the freight and commercial policy, of the relationship with customers and with authorities in case of issues. The action of the shipping agent is fixed in the terms of the contract signed by the owner.